Erosion Inspections for Real Estate Agents

Although we hire home inspectors, they may not be able to catch everything inside and out. Having an extra set of professional eyes is where Erosion Management Services steps in. We provide buyers with the knowledge and power to negotiate.

Home buyer’s remorse is an all too common problem where one might think, “wow, had I known my yard retains water after it rains I would have bought that other house.

• Assures the sale for buyer/seller
Supplement to home inspections process.
Answers any concerns about areas of the yard
Provides a rough estimate 24-48 hours on cost of repairs
Advantageous for the seller to be one step ahead of buyer concerns
Addresses potential costly procedures

How it Works:

Erosion Management Services will conduct an 11-point erosion inspection of the property. This thorough inspection will pinpoint existing and potential problem areas from downspouts, retaining walls, erosion issues, and a typically unchecked list during the home inspection process.

The 11-Point Inspection

We consult with the GIS map beforehand to determine where floodplains, stormwater pipes, and CMPs are located. This helps us know exactly what areas to inspect for possible drainage issues.

We inspect the slope of the driveway to determine if the velocity of the water running towards the house will damage the property. We look for cracks and holding water.

Sloping Driveway

We inspect the position of the gutters around the entire home to determine if water pooling will occur.

We will inspect the areas of property that get eroded away during a storm. We will inspect current retaining walls for any repair needed if soil is still escaping through the wall. We look for signs of cracks, bulging, leaning, and sediment.

We look for any area where there is dirty water pooling or rushing through your property leaving upturned soil. We will also inspect current rock lined channels for accurate rock sizes and slope to ensure it is properly working. We check for enough rocks and a geo-textile fabric underneath. This keeps the channel intact.

We will inspect areas of your yard that have a depression in the grass from pooling or moving water. In a grassy area, the swale will act like a channel to move the water without needing to add any rocks. We inspect any swales on property that may be failing. Make sure it is the correct shape and that water doesn’t pool but flows through.

We will inspect the trees on property for any signs of eroding roots or an area that significantly pools with water at the base of the tree. We can detect the signs before a tree falls over your home. We are not tree experts but will make a recommendation to an arborist when needed.

We look for signs of sinkholes, moisture around the foundation, and the directional flow of the gutters. We look for external signs of water pooling and hydro-static pressure against the foundation. We can detect signs of sinkholes around the foundation that can cause a bigger problem down the line. Note we are not foundation experts and only inspect exterior signs of erosion on the foundation.

House Foundation Erosion

Using the GIS, EMS can detect if the home is in a flood zone because that limits a homeowner’s options. We will also visually search for any water on the property such as ponds or clogged CMPs. They require routine maintenance to ensure dirty water does not encroach closer to the home.

We will assess the slope of the property and the position of the home. It should be at least 2:1 ratio or greater. If a slope is too extreme, you can see the dirt under the house eroding away. We will detect any signs of the property eroding due to the slope.


We inspect any CMPs on property and determine what maintenance is needed. Debris can block the water from flowing out of the CMP which can cause the water to backflow into your yard. Any stagnant water will cause mosquitoes to invade your property.

Why Buyers / Sellers need a Home Erosion Inspection?

This report will summarize the property’s problem zones and budgetary estimates to resolve the issues. We provide the inspection report, estimates, and can fix most the problems or refer you to someone who can. The turnaround time on the 11-point inspection report is generally within 48 hours.

As a real estate professional, you want to know your client has made a sound investment. Erosion Inspections are an incredible tool to do so! Encourage your buyers to do the right thing and call Erosion Management Services during their due diligence period. They will either pay before or after. Wouldn’t we all like to catch things coming vs. being blindsided? Trust, it’s worth it.

How much will it cost?